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UTD Continued Education

Advanced Diver/Rec 2 Recreational 2 Training enables you to go deeper, stay longer, experience more, and do it all safely. Rec 2 is the first level of training that introduces "critical skills," in which you will learn problem identification and resolution, building the capacity for progressively more challenging diving. The cour... Find Out More

Master Diver/Rec 3 UTD's Recreational Diver 3 class is a Non-Decompression (NDL) Helitrox course structured to prepare divers for deeper recreational diving using proper equipment, diving techniques, and standard Helium breathing mixtures. Find Out More

Sidemount(Z-System Only) The UTD Side Mount Mini class is a crossover class for you, the certified diver, to introduce you to Side Mount diving. This class is designed for divers who have taken the UTD Essentials of Rec or Essentials of Tech class or equivilant. Find Out More

Nitrox This is a class for certified divers that covers in detail current uses of back-gas breathing mixtures with an oxygen content of 32%. Breathing Nitrox allows for extended bottom times and/or a safety margin over air in depths to 100/30m. Find Out More

Dry Suit This class covers information on diving and managing a dry suit, descent and ascent protocols, emergency procedures, and routine dry suit maintenance. Find Out More

Night Learn to explore the underwater world at night. Experience a new and otherworldly experience as you slip beneath the waves after dark. Find Out More