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Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

  • UTD Essentials of Recreational Diving

UTD Essentials of Recreational Diving

UTD Essentials Of Recreational Scuba Diving w/ Nitrox

The Essentials of Recreational Diving Course expands upon the skills learned in Open Water.

Starting from

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You will begin developing the core techniques required for any type of diving and environment - precise buoyancy control, a perfect horizontal trim position, and multiple non-silting propulsion techniques.We will then expand upon your personal and team skills, such as proper air sharing procedures, team protocols, gas planning, ascent strategies, and much more. the goals of this course are to develop your personal and team skills and give you a strong foundation so that diving is effortless and fun.

For divers who have been trained in a conventional diving program, this class will introduce new techniques, configurations, and in-water skills, which will bridge the gap between conventional courses and the challenging Unified Team Diving curriculum. Whether you are a new diver or a seasoned veteran, your diving will become safer, effortless, and more fun simply by incorporating these skills and diving practices.

Beyond personal skill development, Essentials of Rec also lays the groundwork for failure based training Rec 2, and 3, and eventually Technical dive training. Without the foundational skills learned in this course, students will not gain the full benefit of the critical skills training.

This course combines lecture, in-water training sessions (pool and open water), dry runs, and video debriefings.

Required Equipment

  • 5-7 ft. Primary regulator hose
  • Fins - Non-Split style
  • Backplate/Harness/Wing system
  • At least one depth measuring device
  • At least one Time keeping device
  • At least one cutting device
  • Wetnotes
  • One Surface marker buoy with spool/Reel
  • Appropriate Exposure Suit
  • One Primary and one Backup light

Backplate/Harness/Wing System and Long Hose regulator System can be rented from Aquanautics

Essentials classes without the Nitrox module are available for a discounted price.  Please contact the shop for more details.


Materials Included: Pool admission, Gas fills at Aquanautics, free use of dive gear for pool sessions if needed.
Requirements: Minimum Age 16, Must hold an Open Water Diver certification, and must hold dive medical insurance or equivalent.
Instructor: Matthew Skogebo
Instructor Bio: Matthew Skogebo

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