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COVID-19 Information

Hello Everyone!  We are excited to get back to serving our scuba community and taking advantage of the beautiful weather that is rapidly approaching.  There are a few things we will have to keep in mind as we get going.  The State and CDC have released guidelines for the safe reopening of businesses and the needed protections to fight the spread of infectious disease.  There are changes to both the retail and training side of Aquanautics.  We will cover both separately below.  We appreciate your time and attention to this information.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Store Protocols

Our retail store is currently open for normal hours on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  We are working by appointment on Wednesday and Friday due to the COVID drive thru testing taking place adjacent to our shop.  Curbside pickup and drop-off for service and products is available.  When customers are in the store face masks will be required.  Scuba mask fittings will still be done in-store, but enhanced sanitation will be required between fittings.  Social distancing and capacity limitations will be observed.

You can expect to see us continuously wiping down door handles, counter surfaces, and other things you may have touched.  Do not take this personal.  No one wants a contact tracing team declaring their business a hot spot.  We want to see you back in here while keeping our staff and all our customers safe. You can help us keep things safe by being aware of your surroundings, keep your face mask on, and limit touching things as best you can.  Hand sanitizer as well as soap and water will be readily available to our customers.

Training Protocols

There will be some changes to the training schedules to accommodate the use of private home pools instead of the public county pools we use traditionally.  We have no idea at this time when the county pools will reopen.  This means that the schedule for your classes may be different than they appear on the website.  Please be sure to contact the shop for up-to-date class schedules and be sure to read any communications from the shop or your instructor.

Aquanautics has always been committed to small class sizes to enhance student learning.  This has allowed us to adapt our courses quite easily to the social distancing requirements. Class sizes will be no larger than 6 and where appropriate we will be conducting our classroom sessions outside.  Pool work will be conducted in outdoor private pools.  Alternate air source donation drills and other practices that risk pathogen exchange will be entirely simulated for training.  That said, Aquanautics recommends you enroll in your class with a buddy.  Bringing a buddy will help reduce the risk of disease transmission to different population groups should someone be ill by ensuring minimal contact with strangers.  As always, Aquanautics recommends you use common sense.  If you are feeling ill or you are concerned you have been exposed to any illness, please stay home.  Contact us and we will be happy to reschedule your class.

Any equipment provided, rented, or loaned by Aquanautics to a customer will be the responsibility of the customer while it is in their possession.  Equipment provided, rented, or loaned by Aquanautics will be sanitized before leaving and upon returning to the facility.  A customer that wishes to sanitize the equipment while it is in their possession is required to contact Aquanautics staff for sanitation protocols.  Equipment provided or loaned to a customer by Aquanautics that remains in Aquanautics control will be sanitized in between each use.  All sanitization is done according to CDC guidelines and adapted to the needs of SCUBA equipment.  The CDC Guidelines for cleaning and sanitation can be found HERE.