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COVID-19 Information

Hello Everyone!  2 years later and we are still dealing with the effects of COVID.  Policies have been updated.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Store Protocols

Our retail store is open for normal hours.  State protocols ask that those not vaccinated or at risk of spreading COVID to please continue to wear the mask.  Aquanautics staff are all vaccinated.  We will not require you to wear a mask in the store though we often still do as a consideration for our customers.

You can expect to see us continuously wiping down door handles, counter surfaces, and other things you may have touched but that is just good practice nowadays.

Training Protocols

Aquanautics has always been committed to small class sizes to enhance student learning.  That allowed us to adapt our courses quite easily to the social distancing requirements. Class sizes will continue to be no larger than 6 and where appropriate we will be conducting our classroom sessions outside.  Alternate air source donation drills and other practices that risk pathogen exchange will be entirely simulated for training.  That said, Aquanautics recommends you enroll in your class with a buddy.  Bringing a buddy will help reduce the risk of disease transmission to different population groups should someone be ill by ensuring minimal contact with strangers.  As always, Aquanautics recommends you use common sense.  If you are feeling ill or you are concerned you have been exposed to any illness, please stay home.  Contact us and we will be happy to reschedule your class.

Any equipment provided, rented, or loaned by Aquanautics to a customer will be the responsibility of the customer while it is in their possession.  Equipment provided, rented, or loaned by Aquanautics will be sanitized before leaving and upon returning to the facility.  A customer that wishes to sanitize the equipment while it is in their possession is required to contact Aquanautics staff for sanitation protocols.  Equipment provided or loaned to a customer by Aquanautics that remains in Aquanautics control will be sanitized in between each use.  All sanitization is done according to CDC guidelines and adapted to the needs of SCUBA equipment.  The CDC Guidelines for cleaning and sanitation can be found HERE.