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Learn To SCUBA Dive with Aquanautics

We at Aquanautics are committed to offering the best training for all levels of SCUBA classes for individuals and families. We offer both Private Scuba Lessons and Small Group Scuba Classes. Our experienced, professional staff make SCUBA lessons fun and easy. Come join the Aquanautics Scuba Diving team and find a whole new definition of fun. You will become a skilled and competent diver with a lifetime of adventure ahead of you.


To get started in diving you will want to get your Open Water Diver Certification.  This class will give you mastery of the skills needed to dive to 60ft in Open Water with your buddy.  There are three sections you will have to complete.  Academic Training, Confined Water Training, and the Open Water Certification Dives.  You can take your Open Water Academic prep online. The materials will cover everything you need to know to ensure your safety as a diver.  This will be followed up with two classroom sessions.  The sessions run about 3 hours each and will reinforce all the the materials in the online segment.  You will then have three or four confined water sessions.  Here we will teach and refine all of the skills needed to make you a confident and competent diver!  Your final step is the Open Water Certification dives.  In this section you will demonstrate your skills in an open water environment.  Our highly skilled staff will guide you through anything that may concern you and guarantee that you will finish your training as a highly skilled and capable diver.  You will then be ready for your very first adventure!  

After your Open Water Course you will find a variety of Continuing Education courses.  These courses will introduce you to an array of specialized knowledge on some of the more challenging aspects of diving.  The Advanced Diver/Rec 2 course will lead the way.  Specialties such as Drysuit, Nitrox, Scooter or Sidemount will allow you to master the skills you need to safely engage in some of the most memorable adventures you can find.  Give us a call if you have any questions on your future education in diving.