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Earn College Credit for your PADI Classes


The PADI classes offered at Aquanautics earn you college credits! The American Council on Education (ACE) through its College Credit Recommendation Service has evaluated and recommended college credit for 25 PADI courses and the Emergency First Response Instructor course. ACE is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions. The transcripts are FREE from PADI and the credits are verified through  An abrigdged list of the classes and credits is available below.  For a complete list of credit classes or to request a FREE copy of your current transcript click HERE.



Course Title Semester Credit Hours Division Credit Subject Areas
Open Water Diver 1 Lower Basic Scuba Diving
Advanced Open Water Diver 1 Lower Advanced Scuba Diving
Rescue Diver 2 Lower Scuba Rescue
Deep Diver 1 Lower Diving Physiology
Drysuit Diver 1 Lower Advanced Scuba Diving
Night Diver 1 Lower Physical Education
Search and Recovery Diver 1 Lower Advanced Scuba Diving
Underwater Navigation 1 Lower Advanced Scuba Diving
Wreck Diver 1 Lower Marine Archaeology
Divemaster 3 Upper Leadership/Activity Mangement
Emergency First Response Instructor Training Course 2 Lower Classroom Management
Instructor Development Course 3 Upper Classroom Managment
Instructor Development Course 3 Lower Interpersonal Communication